Rydia and Mist

Rydia and MistThis is a fan art of Rydia and Mist from Final Fantasy IV.

Now, I was a baby when Final Fantasy IV came out and at the time completely incapable of playing videogames. However, I did grow up playing FFIV (then FFII) and FF VI (then III) among many other titles. FFIV has remained my favorite of the FF numbered titles (perhaps tying with FF Tactics if you include all of them). When I was a kid, I was always drawn to Rydia! As seen below.

I didn’t really get into art until after high school but I was drawn to doing my own fan art from time to time. I think I’ve improved much but I am afraid I didn’t give Rydia and Mist the time they deserve. I will have to try again.

Rydia01 Rydia02

More Final Fantasy in the future!


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